In God’s Hands

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My name is Jefferson, and I served as a missionary in the Amazon for one year. Sometimes I asked myself what I was doing there, whether I was making any difference in the lives of the people. Life is lonely at times living in such isolated places, without a telephone … Read More

Finally Home!

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This could be suitable title for our arrival in heaven, right? Paradise was a spark of what we saw when we arrived here in Pindobal. It was a holiday and everyone was waiting for us. We unloaded the all of our things and I confess that I almost fainted from … Read More

Living with Simplicity

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I never used a hoe and never even done gardening. Just beans. I think that at some point I lost the sense of the simple things of life, I stopped observing the beautiful and natural to live the artificial. And it was difficult to fit into this new life, I … Read More