O Projeto Luzeiro está trabalhando somente com voluntariado de longo prazo (1 ano). No momento, todas as vagas estão preenchidas. Se você tem o desejo de servir em uma de nossas lanchas pelo período de 1 ano, preencha nosso cadastro, que está no fim desta página, e você será avisado assim que abrirmos novas vagas.

Have you ever imagined yourself sailing the rivers of the Amazon, as the Halliwells did for almost 30 years? Find out how you can be part of a Luzeiro team and spend a year serving the riverdwellers who live isolated from the big cities. We are sure that this experience will change your life!


Riverside communities generally suffer from poor health and social disadvantages. We seek to form teams that have people with different profiles, who can meet the needs of these populations. Therefore, we accept people with different gifts and abilities, but also with different professions. On the Luzeiros we need doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists and nutritionists. In addition to these health professionals, we also need Bible workers, teachers and anyone else who wants to bring knowledge and love to the indigenous and riverside populations of the Amazon.


Anyone who wants to serve others with their talents. But we give preference to health professionals and Bible workers.



The idea of living on a boat and exploring the rivers of the Amazon may seem like the most beautiful and peaceful experience. But in reality, if you accept the challenge of being a volunteer on one of the Luzeiros, you can expect many challenges and a lot of work! You will spend a year on a boat, living with people you don’t know, without much privacy, eating very simply and sleeping in a bed (or hammock) that is much less comfortable than yours at home.
It is also important to remember that you will be part of a team. In addition to doing your main job, you will have to be flexible enough to sometimes help with cleaning the boat and preparing meals. But we don’t want to discourage you. It’s precisely these kinds of circumstances that teach us so many things. We just want to prepare you to know that there are challenges. The positive aspects we can’t begin to talk about, because you can’t put into words the experience of putting a pause on your personal plans, and reaching out to serve others. Come experience it and then tell us all about it!

  • Adaptability

  • Willingness to Serve

  • Knowing how to work as a team

  • Respectful and Tolerant

  • Motivated and Committed

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