To be or to have?

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We were just in time to go to our Bible studies in Pirai, a community neighboring ours. The canoe was already filled with our water gallons, our life jackets were in place, Bibles in the bags, laptop and everything was in order. Mr. Faustino, our commander,untied the rope and the … Read More

Not today

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Our canoe was scheduled to leave at 1 am in the morning. We were on our way to Barreirinha for our monthly shopping trip and to take care of some outstanding bank and internet issues. The boat was roofed and relatively spacious. Due to the river being so low at … Read More

Alone but not abandoned

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Congregational reality is ambiguous. We experienced the best of human warmth. But why is the church dying here? It would not be long before we found out. The church is a small hall facing the river Andirá, with deep black water. It is the first building to be seen by … Read More

Finally Home!

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This could be suitable title for our arrival in heaven, right? Paradise was a spark of what we saw when we arrived here in Pindobal. It was a holiday and everyone was waiting for us. We unloaded the all of our things and I confess that I almost fainted from … Read More

100% for God

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“I graduated in Law school in 2009 and straight after I started my postgraduate degree. I started working in one of the largest offices in São Paulo and soon enough I was earning enough to have my car and pay for my expenses. Some time later, out of the office, … Read More

Negotiating Without a Divine Response

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In the city of Barreirinha we had a meeting with the Health Coordinator, Mrs. Helena, who made us a tempting proposition: a salary of $3,750.00/month for working 7 consecutive days in the hospital (24 hour shifts), 1 week/month, with negotiable Sabbaths! Before telling the end of this story I must … Read More