To be or to have?

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We were just in time to go to our Bible studies in Pirai, a community neighboring ours. The canoe was already filled with our water gallons, our life jackets were in place, Bibles in the bags, laptop and everything was in order. Mr. Faustino, our commander,untied the rope and the … Read More

The glasses that did not float

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We always like to enjoy the opportunity of swimming in the River in the flood season after work, and that day, after having finished the afternoon’s practical activities, Thailinny and the other girls in class went swimming in the lake that surrounds the project property. Thay, however, wears glasses… and … Read More

Not today

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Our canoe was scheduled to leave at 1 am in the morning. We were on our way to Barreirinha for our monthly shopping trip and to take care of some outstanding bank and internet issues. The boat was roofed and relatively spacious. Due to the river being so low at … Read More

Twice saved

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In 2001, a group of doctors from Manaus met the Saracá community in the Rio Negro river. Back then a 1-year-old child was examined and after some tests she was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot, a defect in the structure of the heart and blood vessels. The was a very … Read More

Help from Above

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Europe is a challenging mission field because of secularism. In the 10/40 window, the difficulties are immense in order to reach the Muslims. There are even today, many countries that are closed to Christianity, such as North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Each region has its challenges. We live in a … Read More

20 cents

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Hi, my name is Luana. I’m a lawyer and a missionary and served Amazon Lifesavers Ministry as a volunteer for a year and 4 months. During the training course we did outreach in Puraquequara, which is located in the vicinity of the base, and is one of the most humble … Read More