Who We Are

Amazon Lifesavers Ministry is made up of volunteers from many different fields that seek to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those living in the most remote corners of the Amazon, especially working in communities along the river. The ministry was inspired by a Seventh-day Adventist missionary couple, Leo and Jessie Halliwell, who initiated their work in the 1930’s, traveling all over the Amazon in their legendary launch called the Luzeiro (Light Bearer).


To inspire, equip and send volunteers into all the Amazon Region using health and evangelism to share Christ and Bible truth for these last days.


To reach all those living in riverside communities and remote areas of the Amazon with the gospel.

Given the need of the Amazon river-dwellers, a group of volunteer members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church created a non-profit organization in 2007 called ASVAM (Ação Social Voluntária Amazônia). This group decided to invest personal resources to create and maintain the Amazon Lifesavers Ministry.

Currently, ministry is administered through the Missions Institute of the Northwest Brazil Union, Missões Noroeste.

The legal entity ASVAM, who birthed the Amazon Lifesavers Ministry, is a supporting ministry of the SDA Church and member of both Outpost Centers International (OCI) and ASI.

What we do?

At the Amazon Lifesavers School of Missions, we train missionaries to live for 1 year in riverside communities in the Amazon jungle. We have two classes per year, one in each semester. If you have the desire to serve others and speak of the love of God to those who do not yet know, sign up to be a part of this project.
In order to participate in the One Year in Mission, you have to speak Portuguese.

We began in 2016 to train not only missionaries who come from outside, but also those who are in our regions of activity. In the communities where we work, missionaries identify potential local leaders and train them so that when we have to leave a village, strong leadership has already been established.

One of the things we like to do is to promote mission trips. It is an experience that really transforms not only the lives of those who come, but also the life of the river dwellers. We form groups of 25 people, and for 10 days our house is a boat and our roads are the rivers. Plan and join us on a mission trip!

We know that not everyone can volunteer for 1 year or 10 days. For those who live near us, in Manaus, we give opportunities to participate in 1 day mission trips. We have missionaries who live in communities very close to Manaus, so we can organize missions like these.

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