Northwest Brazil Missions Institute is a Seventh-day Adventist Church institution located in the city of Manaus, in the state of the Amazon. The Institute promotes and supports cross-cultural missions by encouraging members of our church to be active participants and collaborators in the work that God has entrusted to the human race. We seek, through different actions, to involve people inside and outside our region, training and equipping volunteers to be more effectively involved in the mission of saving people.

To achieve these goals, the Institute has a School of Missions that offers training and support for missionaries to serve God in different cultural contexts. We also organize short-term mission trips, through Amazon Lifesavers Ministry, developing communities and planting hope in the hearts of many people. We also manage the Luzeiro project, which is composed of medical missionary boats that work in isolated regions of the Amazon.

Jesus is coming soon! Let's proclaim this to the world in a relevant and contextualized way!



Inspire, equip and send volunteers across the Amazon, using health and evangelism to share Christ and the biblical truth of these last days


Reach all people from riverside communities and remote areas of the Amazon with the gospel