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One of the biggest challenges that our project faces is forming leadership in the communities our missionaries pass through. Each missionary team stays from 6 months to 1 year in one place and the main concern when it’s time to leave is whether the local church will be able to carry on on their own.

During many years here in Brazil, our church’s leadership positions belonged to pastors from the United States. Only after many years, Brazilians began to occupy positions of greater responsibility within the South American Division. The Riverside School of Leaders seeks to empower, train and disciple these people. With this course, we are telling them that they can do what our missionaries do, and they can do even more and better. They belong to the culture, they were born there, they know how to fish, they know how to hunt, they know how to plant, they are accustomed to the climate, the river…

In the photo above, students from the Riverside School of Leaders attend classes of Pastor José Silvestre.

The course will be divided into 6 modules, which will happen every 2 months during the year. Classes will be taught in the Ariri community on the Coari Grande Lake, about 3 hours from the Coari municipality. Each module is 1 week long, and the first one was in the end of February. Pastor José Silvestre gave the classes who took a plane in São Paulo, a boat in Manaus and another boat in Coari. After many hours of traveling, he arrived at the Ariri community where he stayed for 1 week teaching about church history, youth ministry, church organization, evangelism, doctrines, pathfinders, among others.

This course was an initiative of the Amazon Lifesavers Ministry along with the Ariri SDA Church, Coari I District. Now, the goal is to implement the course in 2 other of our bases: Barreirinha and Rio Negro. Pray for this project!


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