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How good it is to feel God’s care for us.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

I like to say that this verse says a lot about how the Christian’s confidence should be. But how difficult it is not to be anxious…
Since we came to the Projeto Salva Vidas Amazônia, God has done incredible things in order for us to be here. To begin with, we got the airline tickets for a very good price, even the suitcase that we needed He gave us.

But something we always wondered was “what about the next course installment”? How were we going to pay it? Putting everything together, it didn’t even sum up to 20 Reais and everything we had we had already paid for the tickets. So we prayed  for God to pay our debt. And the day before we had to pay God has answered our prayer. Today, I realize how He was organizing everything a long time ago.

But the journey was only beginning. We paid the first installment, but there were still two left!

In the week that the second installment was due, we were participating in the program 10 Days of Prayer with the church and in our hearts we were worried. During that week, I talked to a friend about it and she told me that she was also worried about a debt that was to due that week too. Then I put her in my prayer list and asked God to bless her as well.

Throughout the week, blessings began to come, my father warned me that he would receive a small amount of money and would pass it on to us. I was very happy, but it was still lacking. On Friday during vespers, I thanked God for blessing me with this part, and I asked everyone to continue praying to Him for what was missing, because I trusted that God would not give me half a blessing.

At the end of the day, I was already in bed when I received a message from that friend whom I was praying for, and to my surprise, she asked me what was lacking to pay the installment, so I told her. Joking, she said, “So now you lack nothing!”. I thought “how come?”. She just said, “God gives us blessings so we can share them with others.” My heart was filled with gratitude and joy at that moment as I realizing that God heard my prayer and through this friend, He blessed me.

What a wonderful God that cares for His own. And the last installments? Well, God is writing new pages.


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