Painting Houses, Transforming Lives!

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Painting houses in the middle of the Amazon jungle, in a village at a lake that nobody even knows… is this the definition of being missionary? Is this mission work? This is what some of the group of the volunteer missionaries who come from Sao Paulo, might have asked in July this year.

What does painting have to do with spreading the gospel? For many the answer would be: NOTHING! But God had an opportunity and would not let it go by unused.

Sinésio – the leader of the village of Vila Monteiro, on the lake of Greater Coari, tells us a story:

“I was having difficulties with another villager who did not respect me and made some negative comments about me and my leadership. During this time, in July of 2015, we received a group of volunteer missionaries that came from Sao Paulo. They were students from UNASP (Adventist University of Sao Paulo) and they came together with the Luzeiro XXVII to reach out to the village. Among the group of people that would be honored by having their houses painted, was this “adversary”. To my surprise, after the team of missionaries had left and the houses were painted, he came to me and thanked me for what they had done for him and his family and ever since, an enemy had become a friend and respector of the village’s leader. Besides this he decided to start Bible studies and be baptized.”

So I ask again: Can painting a house save people? Can painting houses touch hearts? Is this mission work? I say: YES!

That which seems small in our eyes, can become a great opportunity in the hands of the Father.

“Christ came to this world to show that by receiving power from on high, man can live an unsullied life. With unwearying patience and sympathetic helpfulness He met men in their necessities. By the gentle touch of grace He banished from the soul unrest and doubt, changing enmity to love, and unbelief to confidence.” MH 25.

Dear friends! God can use each and everyone of us in His vineyard. God uses the little things so that people can surrender at His feet.

Help us to keep up the work in the far corners of the Amazon, by donating resources toward fuel and maintenance. Even if you are are far away, you are invited to collaborate in God’s work.

Rosimélia Figueiredo – Currently a missionary nurse living in the interior of the Amazon jungle.


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