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Hello, my name is Reno A. Guerra. I would like to share my experience as a missionary with you. I am thirty years old, married to Natália Guerra. I graduated in nursing school in 2007, got married on July 4, 2010 and in January of 2011 my wife and I were leaving our jobs and our life in Brasilia and heading to Bahia. I was starting a theology course in the SDA university. My wife was still in law school but she decided to pause the course and quit her job in order to accompany me. I also resigned from the hospital where I worked as an intensive care nurse and we went to IAENE, currently FADBA (Adventist College of Bahia), it was an incredible experience.

But God had something even greater. After a year and a half studying theology, I understood that I should also study business. So I prayed to God and He opened the doors not only for me but also for my wife, who graduated in Law school in 2013. Now there was only a year left before I graduated in theology and business in 2014. A great desire to do mission burned in my heart, but I wanted to do mission outside Brazil and I knew that learning English would be essential for this. I prayed to God and spoke to my wife, and finally we made a an even bolder decision than that when we decided to move to Bahia. After a lot of research, a door was opened for us to study English at a North American Adventist university in Jamaica.

I was very excited about the idea. We prayed and once again God opened the doors, so we sold everything we had and we went to Jamaica in early 2014. God sustained us once again and provided everything we needed, we learned enough english to be functional and now we wanted a missionary experience. God works once again and an opportunity arose for us to go on a 20-day mission trip to Mexico in the state of Campeche in a village called Castamay. One of the preachers could not go and I was challenged to fill in and preach every night during the conference, and of course I should preach in Spanish. The first time I had spoken in Spanish was in Jamaica with some Colombian friends but despite that I accepted the challenge. God blessed so abundantly that the language was no problem for the preaching of the gospel. We had amazing experiences and about 50 people were interested in Bible studies. It was a very contagious mission experience! It was time to return to Brazil, but I understood that it was not yet time to return to the theological area. I wanted to experience something knew that I didn’t quite know what it was.

While still in Jamaica, before we went to Mexico, my wife called me onde day to show me a video on Facebook about a missionary project in the interior of the Amazon. That was what I wanted!! We prayed and we decided not to go back to the theology area yet and we dedicated the year of 2015 serving as volunteer missionaries in a community called Saracá, in the interior of the Amazon. It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of our lives, mission has changed our lives. We have had many experiences that we will take for life and I intend to share some of them with you in the next posts, so be sure to follow up. We are focusing on the theological area in 2016, but we are no longer the same, mission has transformed us!


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