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Now it’s really over. In my heart, a mix of emotions I can not well express. I’m happy to be able to see my dear family and friends and to enjoy my favorite foods again. At the same time, a part of me stays on this mission.

Here I have such a dear family so hard to say goodbye to, maybe a “see you soon” will be easier. We lived intense days with many remarkable moments, a lot of transformation. I thank God because none of this would be possible if it weren’t for His mighty hand guiding our steps. We shared Christ, we taught many things and learned a lot with the people. The tears are of joy and longing, but also of a complete work. I have that “mission accomplished” feeling. We followed God’s plans, and looking at all we accomplished, I notice how small I am before such an awesome God. I see my imperfect and tainted self  and thank God for choosing such faulty humans to do such a perfect work.

On my last day of mission in Saracá, I decided to do have my devotion time in the church. When I entered, I was touched. I had never stopped to observe the work done. And God reminded me of the story of David and Solomon. Just as God gave Solomon the privilege of building a temple, He also chose us for this work. Previous missionaries had David’s primary role in preparing the land and material. The work of David was tough, just like that of our friends. And to finish this work, God has given us the privilege of building the House of the Lord in Saracá with the financial support of the SDA Alphaville Church in Manaus and some donations from Brasilia.

Now, the new missionaries will continue to build up the people who are also the Church of Christ. It ia long term work, but it is beautiful and rewarding. With the church and the missionaries with the same focus we can see the progress of the labor of God. Indeed, some prepare the ground, others plant, others reap and all stages magnify the work of the Lord. May God continue to do His work in our lives and find in us a heart willing to serve. The mission continues…


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