All is vanity

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On December 6, 2015, we finished our work in the interior of the Amazon. It feels like it was yesterday when we arrived in the Saracá community, located on the banks of the Rio Negro in the interior of the Amazon.

We had the opportunity to serve for 7 months as missionaries in the communities of Saracá, Santa Helena and Tumbira. Living in this 6mx4m house, my wife, Natalia Guerra, and I, learned that we can be happy with so little! We have learned that a complete home does not mean a beautiful home with everything we want. We have discovered that it is possible to live well without shoes, sophisticated clothes, TV, refrigerator, bed, air conditioning, sofa … or anything else we deem so necessary.

I remember the friends we received and who sat on the floor with such joy and simplicity !! They did not care about what we had, they just wanted to be with us. It’s like someone once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” In this simple little house, we learned some of life’s great complexities. We are not what we have and people are more important than things. We should not invest all our time to gain things but rather to build solid relationships. Even if  we possess everything, without meaningful relationships, we are empty. But if we have nothing, with deep relationships, we are complete.

I will treasure every friendship developed, every story that helped make our story more meaningful and our experience more complete. I thank God for the privilege of transforming our lives through mission. Mission simplified our life!! It was worth leaving everything and diving into the mission. Certainly we will miss everything so much. Our mission in the interior of the Amazon has ended, but the lesson is eternal: “All is vanity.”


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