Amazon Pioneers, XXI Century

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They lived seven months in an indigenous tribe. Luana, Marta and Gleydiane explored the region where the Sateré Mawés live, to bring the truth to a people with a strange language and different culture. They left their lives and their comfort zone to be a light to a people who live very far away from everything.

The reception by the natives was good. They held a meeting to receive the girls. The entire community gathered to see the missionaries. To introduce themselves they had to have a translator because the people only spoke sateré mawé. A man called Santino, the Tuxaua’s (the chief’s) brother, was the translator.

The first months were very difficult because the Indigenous people were very reserved and shy. Not to mention the culture shock. In order for the missionaries to earn their friendship they had to become one of them. They began to go to work in the fields with them, to have breakfast with them and to bathe in the river at the same time as they did. Only after this could the doors of the gospel be opened for the message to begin to be introduced.

The trio arrived in the Indigenous area in early September and one of the girls, Marta Honório, was going to travel to visit her family at the end of the year. Luana and Gleydiane felt that she would not come back to complete the team again. Even so, they continued their work in the midst of difficulties with culture and distance from the family. Because they had not a proper place to live, the girls felt like giving up. But it was as if God spoke to them every morning and encouraged them to remain firm in their purpose.

They went through difficulties and trials with the people. The two were deceived, which almost made them give up. After talking on the phone with their coordinator, Daniel, he encouraged the girls to stand firm because that work was pioneering. Had they left, the doors of the indigenous areas would be closed, for where they lived was also home of the Tuxaua (chief) responsible for all the communities of that ethnic group in the region. Daniel said that God would be with them. After the conversation that they had, the duo decided to stay.

After praying and fasting for that people, God was showing Luana and Gleydiane the way they should work, and they listened attentively to the voice of God. They were ever seeking for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Satan tried several times to destroy the girl’s beautiful friendship established by God during the work, but God did not allow it. The missionaries taught at the local school for children, gave Bible studies, first aid care, directed a children’s choir, prepared fun obstacle courses, prayer weeks and cooking classes which they learned at the Lifesavers Mission School. And so little by little they were winning the confidence of the strange-languaged people.

At the end of our mission period the Umirituba residents did not want the girls to leave. They were sad about their departure and prepared a goodbye party. One of the teachers wrote them a letter and read it out loud before they left. But the good news was that Marta would return, and she did not return alone, she returned with her new and eternal pair, her husband, to continue the work. Samuel, Marta’s husband, accepted God’s call before marrying Marta, and together they carry on this beautiful work.

When the two girls knew that the community would not remain without the presence of missionaries, they were more in peace.

“Shall the human agent show no special interest in giving the light of the gospel message to those who sit in darkness? There are some who are willing to go to the ends of the earth in order to carry the light of truth to men, but God demands that every soul who knows the truth shall seek to win others to the love of the truth.” 3TT 337.6


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