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I am transitioning from one area to another in the Amazon Lifesavers Project, leaving the administrative area for the educational area of the future school that is being built in New Jerusalem, a riverside community that is located 30 hours from Manaus. Change always leaves us fearful, but I’m readjusting day by day. Everyone in the community helped renovate the house I live in. Picking up straw for the ceiling, nailing down some loose boards and doing the inner and outer painting. Even the children helped, always smiling.

New things, different food, new expressions, slang and customs I’m not familiar with. It’s a big challenge. Organizing and planning the future Christian school for the riverside people is a great challenge. We are putting the ideas on paper, but until we move to the new school premises, I continue adapting to wash clothes in the riverbank, eating tacacá, and making bread and cake out of cassava…

Speaking about the Schools of the Prophets, Ellen White says:

“Not only were the students taught the duty of prayer, but they were taught how to pray, how to approach their Creator, how to exercise faith in Him, and how to understand and obey the teachings of His Spirit.” (Education, 47.2)

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