Almost Swallowed by the Rio Negro Waves

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Almost every time we travel in our canoe we have surprises with the waves of the Rio Negro. I never imagined that I would find waves so high in a river. On the first trip we made, I clearly remember the joy of catching the first waves, but then the panic. So, after that trip, there was a lot seizure on every trip. The canoe rises and hits the water with great force and so the water pours in. And when the canoe surfs on a wave… adrenaline rush in every “ride”. Fear is a word that sums up what I felt. Nowadays I remain a bit more under controle.

On one of those turbulent trips, I looked at the immensity of water surrounding me and the small boat I was in, and realized how small I am in the face of the magnitude of the God I serve. That water could be in the palm of the Lord’s hand and He, if he wished, could flip the canoe with His breath or stir the river still more. And then, I felt that regardless of my fear, I would need, and do need, to trust Him. Everything is under His control and nothing I feel can change that. So just surrender, trust and wait.

In my trips I almost always face big waves coming from the front, the side or the back. Someone once looking at my affliction every trip told me: “what a woman of little faith”. It may be thay I’m truely that woman and I need a lot of waves to strengthen my faith. I think about how in life we have many waves. Sometimes all is at rest, but at other times my life seems like a raging sea. And just as God has shown me His great power amid so many ups and downs of the canoe, I understand that my troubles are never out of His control.


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