My Life in the Amazon

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Wooden houses, naked children playing and running around , adults walking on bare feet, heat, forrest, a great and extensive river in front of me…. I’m in the Amazon. I am living between the river people.

There is not much variety in food, like fresh vegetables. My diet is very simple and we eat whatever doesn’t spoil easily, because we have to go all the way to Manacapuru to do our shopping. I have cold water, only because I live in a house provided by ADRA. Electricity is available only from 6pm to 10pm (via a generator). Transportation, only by boats or canoes, and it takes a lot of balance to get around in these boats.

Here, instead of streets and cars, we have rivers and boats… it’s a constant flow of passing boats and canoes. We don’t need traffic signs, because the rivers are big and everyone can come and go as they please without crashing into one another.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 – I was afraid to travel by boat, I was afraid to loose my balance and fall into the river. I prayed to God to give me courage and strength to do His work and today I woke up with a sense of security and went by boat to attend to some people. We went by a boat that we call ‘The 15’ (a boat with an engine power of 15hp). God gave me the courage to go by boat and we went to visit Mrs Helena and some other people. On the way, we were stopped by a lady in a canoe who said she was looking for the ADRA nurse, because her sister was experiencing an ‘attack of shortness of breath’ and she just had a baby a few days ago. The lady stopped us close to a village where nurse Thainne knew a person who had a nebulizer, so she went borrow it to try and attend to this patient, because we didn’t have any type of bronchodilator in our supplies to help this patient. We prayed and upon arrival we met a young lady of 25 years of age, who had given natural birth 8 days ago, and was a mother of 6 children. She was clearly experiencing a respiratory attack. A whistling sound could be heard at the base of her right lung, and she could barely sit up. We decided that she needed to be taken to a place where there was electricity so that we could do an inhalation treatment. We faced a great challenge in transporting her, but we decided to put a mattress in the boat, and used an umbrella to protect her from the intense sun and transported her to a nearby village. This lady lived on a boat on the edge of the river and didn’t have any generator for electricity. We were able to transport her with difficulty and a brother had to carry her from the edge of the river all the way up to where the houses were and where one of his sisters lived. Remembering that here the river people have to build their houses as high up as possible (on stilts) because of the water level of the rivers. I was praying, asking God to transform saline solution into medication that would open up the bronchial tubes of this patient, because we had no other remedy.

And God worked a miracle!

While we had the patient sit up in a chair and turned on the nebulizer (with saline solution only), I continued in prayer. God turned the saline solution into medication and that lady was able to overcome the attack and started breathing with ease again.
God is a God of miracle and He is still performing them today.


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