The glasses that did not float

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We always like to enjoy the opportunity of swimming in the River in the flood season after work, and that day, after having finished the afternoon’s practical activities, Thailinny and the other girls in class went swimming in the lake that surrounds the project property. Thay, however, wears glasses… and between one dip and another she lost them. At night during worship we prayed for the glasses that were lost in the river because without glasses Thay could see almost nothing.

In the evening worship, we prayed and remember a similar Bible story that also happened in a mission school. Elisha and some boys were cutting wood, and the ax of a young man (that was borrowed) sank. Elisha prayed and by the power of God the ax floated (2 Kings 6: 1-7). We were nothing like prophet Elisha but we knew the same God who was powerfully active in the Bible, and so we dared to ask.

A new day began, and during 6:30 AM worship we prayed once more for Thay’s “special request.” We believe that the same God who moves mountains and made an ax float, is still operating today. Sometimes what happens is that we do not ask, and therefore miracles do not happen often. Other times they even happen, but unfortunately people end up thinking they are “coincidences” and God’s power ends up not being revealed. On the other hand, even knowing that our God never fails to answer, we know that His answer is not always yes. He sees beyond what our feeble eyes can see. So we let God do according to His will.

Right after worship, at breakfast, the unlikely happened. One of the volunteers who was responsible for the boats showed up with a pair of glasses in his hands. Do you know what he said? That very morning precisely at 6:30AM, he wanted to give one more dip and see if God would help him find Thay’s glasses. The river is clean but th water is very dark and hard to see, yet at the first dive, when his hand touched the bottom he felt that it was Thay’s glasses that were there.

Matthew 21:22 says: “And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” We need to believe that God is still working in our days. He works great miracles, but He also cares about small details in his children’s lives such as a pair of glasses in a dark river.


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