Twice saved

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In 2001, a group of doctors from Manaus met the Saracá community in the Rio Negro river. Back then a 1-year-old child was examined and after some tests she was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot, a defect in the structure of the heart and blood vessels. The was a very serious case and if the child was not operated she would die. A few months later, little Gisele was in São Paulo, where she got the surgery done. The surgery was a success and the little girl was saved!

Since then, the relationship between these doctors and Adventist volunteers with Saracá community has grown narrow. More missions were organized, the NGO ASVAM emerged in 2007, Bible workers were sent to live in the community, and in 2011, one of the boats from Amazon Lifesavers Project was shipwrecked while on a mission. Unfortunately, a young woman lost her life and it seemed that the relationship with the Saracá community would come to an end. But a week after this tragic event, the group was there again.

This past weekend, the people involved in this long story of love and sacrifice were again in Saracá. After the inauguration of the new Rio Negro Adventist Church, exciting testimonies and two wedding ceremonies, it was time for the baptism of 3 people. With so much water, the churches in places like these don’t need a baptismal tank. Because we are in the dry season the Saracá community forms a beautiful beach on the river banks. About 50 people walked the sands of Saracá, singing, until they reached the river. There Tati and Adriana, who had their wedding ceremony the night before, were baptized together with 15-year-old Gisele who was born again.


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