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I had never used a hoe before. And planting? Only beans in a cup with cotton! I think I had lost at some point the meaning of the simple things in life. I stopped watching the beautiful and natural to live the artificial. And it was difficult to fit into this new life. I suffered a reality shock and found myself lost in the midst of creation. As Brad says, I had to change my worldview. And this was just the beginning – missiology classes and agriculture. But it didn’t stop there, in every class: physiology, basic nursing, anatomy, nutrition, cooking, dental and mental health, I was discovering my own identity. During the religion classes I could not contain my happiness. And the classes on massage, hydrotherapy and “where there is no doctor nor dentist” improved all my skills.

I once heard that life holds great surprises for us, but in fact I learned that God is the one who surprises us with His greatness. He brought me to the Amazon to teach me the real meaning of the word “service.” Here there are people who need others and the School of Missions has lead me to understand that I can love and serve these people simply by giving what I have to them.

God has his ways, and he used a video on Facebook about this beautiful NGO to change the course of my story. Little did I know I would one day be here, but walking with God means to experience something new everyday, and so I accepted His call. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to try something new. And look, it has been amazing!!! If you want to experience something unique, special and life-changing, come and give some of your time to help serve people. Perhaps you and I need to come out of the artificial to live the supernatural with God.


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