Wooden Weddings

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What would you choose to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Maybe a trip to Paris or somewhere else, maybe a night at the most beautiful hotel (because you deserve it), or who knows, a candlelit dinner at a famous restaurant?

Yes, before I got married I used to make plans about it and I always thought that every year we would have to do something different and beautiful to celebrate another year together. In the fifth year, I thought, I will prepare a renewal of vows with a beautiful celebration. But then we decided to drop everything in the 6th month of marriage and live fully for God, and every year I realize that God surprises us with the simplicity of things.

On the 4th of July was our 5 year anniversary and this photo is a picture of our celebration. Do you know what I learned? That I can be happy and value the person beside me with or without money. I learned that I can turn something simple into something fun as I would not have imagined before. Not that it is wrong to go to the places mentioned above, on the contrary, if you can, don’t miss out on the opportunities. But I also learned that God is very creative, only he could choose for the Wooden Weddings, a mission in the Amazon Forest.

God is awesome, he created an unusual way to mark our lives. This year has really been a year with a lot of wood, and just like all the wood we take out of the middle of the forest to build the church needs preparation and needs to be benefited, so I see God benefiting our relationship every day, every year. We are grateful to the Lord, because all we need is God, and the rest he plans for us.


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