Lifesavers + IAM = Solidarity

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The Amazon Lifesavers project, partnered with the students, teachers and employees of the Adventist Institute of Manaus (IAM), carried out a social action to distribute food baskets to needy families in four communities in Rio Negro, Jaraqui, Araras, Baixote and an indigenous community . November 1st was a great joy for the more than 160 families benefited by this act of solidarity. The food was collected in a campaign carried out by the students of the Adventist Institute of Manaus and the students themselves made a point of personally delivering the food baskets to the riverside people.

“We are grateful to God for the gratifying and blessed experience of being able to contribute minimally to helping others and somewhat meeting their needs,” says one of the mission participants. We are sure that this day of humanitarian aid will be marked in the minds and hearts of all who contributed to the possibility of solidarity action.


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