Alone but not abandoned

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Congregational reality is ambiguous. We experienced the best of human warmth. But why is the church dying here? It would not be long before we found out.
The church is a small hall facing the river Andirá, with deep black water. It is the first building to be seen by any visitor to the community.
And inside? Old wood, stuck roof, uneven wiring and unstable benches. An old TV and DVD player with a few CDs to use. How does it flow? You’d better sit down … One single preacher, no standardized doxology, no teacher for the adults and kids fixed Sabbath school lesson (in fact, only the director has the Sabbath school lesson), no regular kids praise time and no special solo song.

Worship is simply singing hymns, playing a DVD (if there is one) or the same preacher commenting on a biblical text. Children and young people add up to twice as many adults… would it be a closed case?
Of course not! Praise God that we found the most important thing: people with hearts willing to be transformed, minds willing to be taught and trained! Children ready to give praise with the smallest encouragement! What a difference we saw with only two meetings, the number of children coming to worship doubled just because we added children’s story and song time and  and adapted the message to their language.
If you are like us – cheerful with the challenges and happy to teach – you may come and be welcomed with open arms!

Praise the Lord that we are never forgotten by Him! Those people were practically alone, but never abandoned. They were the answer to our prayers and we were the answer to theirs!
Would you like to experience the same?


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