Finally Home!

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This could be suitable title for our arrival in heaven, right? Paradise was a spark of what we saw when we arrived here in Pindobal.
It was a holiday and everyone was waiting for us. We unloaded the all of our things and I confess that I almost fainted from going up and down the ravine. It took me almost 2 hours to recover.

The welcoming? It could not have been better! They painted our house, made us a small balcony and wrote in the area “OUT OF LOVE”. For two days we had no privacy, they helped us with the electricity grid, they built an equipment for us to wash dishes, swept the yard and built a platform to wash clothes in the ravine. We talked a lot and soon we were acquainted with each other. We slept in a pile of things that were only organized almost a week later.

Our thatched roof and the wooden structure create a simple and airy space. What a surprise: a breathtaking view! Gabi said that we live on one of those screen-savers’ landscapes. I brought 10 quick-dry pants, but there are no mosquitoes (called Carapanã here) at night! The church faces the river and the youth worship programs end by sunset, and what a sunset! Only by being here to feel the magnitude of God’s power reflected in nature through the different pictures painted by Him daily in the sky.

There are the challenges of getting used to using eco-filters, to use potties and, mainly for me, to live with many, many spiders.
But that’s another story.

What about you? Would not you be willing to accept God’s calling for your life and let Him surprise you with what He has in store for you?


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