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The trip to our destination already started with many adventures and excitement.  We left the missionary base in Manaus on the 12th of May, and were on our way to the village of Saracá. We took a boat and traveled about 5 hours, which for me was an atypical experience.

After a 5 hour trip, we finally arrived at our destination, phew!  Nothing had happened! While we started taking down the hammocks and getting our things together, I noticed that the boat had not stopped for us to get into the little boat that was supposed to take us to the shore.  I had no idea how I was going to get my belongings down from up top and how I would get in the little boat while both boats were in motion. For Reno everything seemed normal, while I was in despair trying to maintain my balance.  So when my turn came to get into the boat, I grabbed hold of Reno’s arms and he let me down into the little boat. Goodness, how nerve wrecking!!! But it didn’t end here… They started loading the other lady’s bags into the already full boat.  The woman, who had experience traveling like this, started shouting for them to stop putting more things into the boat because it would sink! Can you imagine what went through my mind? This is it, I’m going to drown, the girl was right. And Reno was not with me in that boat.  He was going to take the next one, because there was only space for 3 people in the boat and there was some more luggage left. After much discussion with the captain, he stopped loading more luggage. And there we went… the most intense 5 minutes I’ve ever lived. But thanks to God, we arrived ok.


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