Once a missionary, always a missionary

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“Since my teenage years, God has placed in my heart the desire to serve Him. However, I went on with my life and chose my own ways and left the God’s dream “frozen” inside.

“Time went by, and I graduated in nursing school. I have been a nurse obstetrician for nine years, and since I was 19, I work in the health area. I work with the Family Health Strategy (ESF) for almost a decade, serving the needy population of São Paulo.

“Some time ago, I started to realize that I was working in an “automatic” mode, and that began to bother me a lot. The Holy Spirit touched my heart deeply, and I felt I should change and do something for the cause of God.
That  was when I decided to do some research on the topic of mission. I ended up finding the Amazon Lifesavers project! And, surprisingly, the project was coordinated by people from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which I am a member of. What a joy!!! I got in touch with them that same instant, and in July 2014 I went to my first mission with the project.

“It was wonderful! There I had a true experience with God! Yes! He had to send me to the Amazon to understand what real Christianity was and how Jesus fulfilled His ministry with missionary medical work. I had never felt so happy and complete in my entire life. God did not need me in that place to help that needy population, but I did need them to continue a process of revival and reformation in my life. I left with overflowing love and joy…! I needed to pass on to my children and my parents the values and virtues that God showed me, and then, after talking to Him a lot, I understood that I should return to the Amazon with my whole family. My vacation period did not match up with the date of the trip with the group, since these missions were only in July and December. So after much prayer and overcoming barriers, I managed to switch my vacation period!

“Soon, I contacted the project coordinator. However, they informed me that there were already two groups that were full and that there were no available spaces for me! The news was like through me “bucket of cold water” because I  was very excited and happy about the whole family going.
I kept praying and asking for God’s guidance. My surprise was when they contacted me and then suggested that I should form a group of 10 people to go on this mission.

“Ahhhhhh …. What a joy!!! God’s answer!!!!
Talking with some friends, we already had a group almost full! There were only two people missing! I thought they had to be a doctor and a dentist.
I prayed for several weeks and none of these people showed up. Also, on a certain day, ALL of them gave up, including my parents, leaving only my son and I. There, I understood that it was not God’s will that we should go to that mission. I was very sad and prayed, confident that He was directing my life, and I asked Jesus to use me wherever I went. I said that I would not want to stay in my city without doing anything for Him during my holiday. This prayer I prayed on a Sunday, and that following Monday I received an email with several contacts of people interested in participating in the mission. God sent me the exact eight people who were missing for the group to be complete. And I did not know any of them! With all set, we went to the mission trip in July 2015 and it was another transforming mission, with many personal experiences with the Father!

“But there’s more! On the last day, God gave us the privilege to know why he had changed the entire grupo. After we finished a prayer week with the youth in the Samambaia community, a young man who had wandered from the path of the Lord told us that through that group, the Holy Spirit had worked with him throughout the week and that every person there had been important for him to clearly see what God wanted for his life. He said that he decided to return to Jesus, he would be a missionary and would like to study theology. What touching and happy thing to hear. I understood that God’s ways are never the same as ours. I returned again to my home in Sao Paulo, and as I prayed to God I felt in my heart that I should not stop there, but rather take my other son and my parents, who were not in the second grupo. Pray for my family, because this September, 2015, we are all returning together: my two children, my parents and myself, to do what God asks of us!

“I will never cease to be a missionary… Wherever He sends me, I will go … “


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