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“My name is Samantha, I’m 24 years old, I’m from Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil, and I’m a nurse.
I have always been impressed with stories of missionaries who dedicated their lives to strangers in distant places. He listened to a boat that was traveling through the Amazonian rivers, carrying health care.

“As soon as I got into nursing school, I to several volunteering projects, and to my disappointment, I discovered that the medical missionary boat that I wanted to serve in to was no longer in operation. But there was a project that did the same job. So I signed up.

“At the end of the last curricular internship I found myself very confused. I did not know which direction to take after graduating. And I prayed that God would guide my life. So I got an email. In it, that project, called “Amazon Lifesavers”, invited me to dedicate a year of my life working inside the Amazon forest.

“One year was a long time. I could do the residency I always dreamed of or even apply for a good job and earn good money. My heart wanted to answer. So I prayed again. I made an agreement with God. I would try all possibilities, and the door that opened would be God’s answer. So I answered the email.

“From then on, only this door remained open. God sent people who helped me financially and brought me to the Amazon.

“After three months of preparation, I still did not know where I was going to work. Finally, my coordinator informed me that I would be a nurse in the Luzeiro XXI boat. That boat that awakened my desire to be missionary. I had that privilege!

“They spent nine months living in the Rosa de Saron community, a small and simple community, where there is a ADRA health post where the boat is anchored.
I cared for countless river dwellers, both in the community and on the boat. Each one was a great challenge. I prayed to God that He would enable and use me, and several times I felt that it was not my hands that did many of the procedures.

“So I understood why God had brought me to the Amazon. He wanted to use my hands to relieve the suffering, and more, He wanted to use each person I met and every situation I lived to teach me about his love and his plan of redemption. I imagined that I would come here to save lives, but in fact, God brought me here so I would be saved.

“Everyone has this door open, just place yourself in the hands of God. He wants us to act in this great work and hopes to save many for your kingdom, including yourself.”

Samantha was part of the 3rd class of the Amazon Lifesavers School of Missions. She participated in the project 1 for Christ and yesterday, she returned home. But we think she’s coming back here. We thank her for placing herself in the hands of God and having been a blessing to the project and especially to the riverside people of the Amazon.

God bless.


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