Leaving God in Control

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“I always dreamed of going on a mission trip because I heard many missionaries say that when we leave our comfort zone and go to places where we do not know the culture, the food, and often the language, we depend on God for everything. That was what I wanted: to let go of the steering wheal of my life and let Christ take control, step out of my comfort zone and enjoy the blessings of the Creator.

“Then the Lord took me out of the city, out of the stress and the traffic, and brought me to a quiet community, a place of peace, where the only noise you can hear is of the animals, to get my attention and show me that, despite being sinners, God uses us greatly when we allow Him. Even when I was afraid and thought I did not know how to do anything, He showed me that we are all useful in his work and what matters is not if I know little or much, but if I am available.

“One of the things I liked the most was nature. It is so close that it seems to embrace us, the sky is lower and at night the stars cover the sky and reflect in the river… Each sunrise is a new day full of joy for being in the midst of creation, every detail reflects the love of Christ. Every day felt like Sabbath.

“I am grateful to God for taking me to the Mission with the Amazon Lifesavers project and because He still speaks to us and shows us where and when we should go, even if sometimes we do not understand the motives. If you let God operate, you’ll be sure to always be in the best place. “


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