Negotiating Without a Divine Response

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In the city of Barreirinha we had a meeting with the Health Coordinator, Mrs. Helena, who made us a tempting proposition: a salary of $3,750.00/month for working 7 consecutive days in the hospital (24 hour shifts), 1 week/month, with negotiable Sabbaths!

Before telling the end of this story I must explain the context: Ever since I graduated from medicine in 2007, I worked in family practice, emergency medicine and as a hospitalist. Last year I earned a little over double the amount now offered me. In the process of rededicating my life to Christ, I realized that my weakness was overworking, which caused frequent fatigue due to irregular work hours that prevented a stable and lasting routine, and an unhealthy diet as well. The results were obesity, gastritis, lack of sleep, attention deficit and lack of spirituality. Not to mention that it had contributed greatly to my previous marital break up.

But it was a lot of money! Imagine everything that could be done with it in the mission field! Not to mention how the job would create open doors to partnerships with the government!

My wife and I listed all the rational and spiritual reasons that we could think of. We prayed before the meeting for almost a month (before then we were unaware of all the details of the proposition). We asked friends and family to do the same. The pressure increased a little as friends stated: “You are professionals, use your professions for God.” We hear this a lot and we agree, but we wanted divine confirmation on this specific subject. Yet it did not come. The days passed, there were hours left… and nothing.

The secretary demanded an answer the very day of the interview. I went to see the hospital and to our surprise my name was already on the schedule! But God remained silent. I was even making plans of what to do with the money, but not following through with them yet, so as to not get frustrated.

Night fell, and walking through the flooded streets of Barreirinha, we concluded that we should not advance one centimeter without divine confirmation. It was not easy, but I called and politely declined the offer.

I wish I could tell you that soon after we learned that we had made the right decision, and that we were rewarded with some great blessing, but that’s not what happened. My parents’ faith was again “tested” with that information. Our leaders supported us and life went on.

Joseph’s faith was not rewarded immediately after he refused to sleep with Potifar’s wife, nor Job’s when he did not blaspheme against God. In God’s time, it will come. To some, in this life, but definitely for all in the resurrection of the righteous.

It has been worth it to be faithful because I’m currently experiencing the daily serenity of a relationship with God, perceived in the little things. The famous “peace which transcends all understanding.”

Wouldn’t you like to experience the same?

Victor is a doctor and lives with his wife Gabi, a lawyer, in the community of Pindobal. They decided to live 100% for God.


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