Amazon Lifesavers Mission School

For years, Amazon Lifesavers Ministry, has been working with volunteers, who soon after arriving at our base in Manaus, were sent to live in river villages. But the reality of life in the Amazon is very different, and we felt the need to prepare our missionaries better. Thus began the Amazon Lifesavers Mission School in 2013. For the first 4 courses, classes were held in an improvised environment, but since the 5th course, the classes are being held in this beautiful building, which also serves as our administrative offices. We graduate 2 groups per year, one in each semester. Via the classes on Missiology, Missionary Psychology and Country Living, the students have the opportunity to learn more about the local culture. Hydrotherapy, Nutrition, Home Life, and culinary classes teach our students to live more healthfully. During classes about evangelism, Daniel, Revelation, and church organisation, local Pastors help prepare the future missionaries to gain information, that is essential for anyone who would like to share Jesus with others.

To participate in our selection process, follow these steps:

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*In order to be part of our Mission School, you need to be fluent in Portuguese

OYIM – One Year in Mission

Would you like to dedicate one year of your life to God and your neighbor and on top of that, have the unique experience of experiencing the charms of the Amazon and it’s people? Amazon Lifesavers Ministry offers you the opportunity to, for one year of your life, serve as a volunteer missionary in remote areas, where many people have yet to hear of Jesus’ love and His plan of salvation.

Who can participate?

18 years and older

Persons who are in good physical and mental health

Members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church

Persons who are fluent in Portuguese

How to participate?


Prepare yourself by taking the course offered by the Amazon Lifesavers Mission School. The next course starts on August, 2018. Only for portuguese speaking volunteers.
To apply



Upon completion of the course, volunteer missionaries who have been approved and chosen, will be sent in pairs to live in villages within the Amazon. Each volunteer will receive a stipend, and logistical support from the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s district pastors.

Any more questions?

Read the information for volunteers


Read the student manual


Send an e-mail to: escola@

Contact by phone +55 92 4101-1541