Central Base – Manaus



General coordinator

Born in Tennessee, USA, Nurse-Practitioner. He has worked for the ministry since its foundation. He is the president of the NGO and General Coordinator of Amazon Lifesavers Ministry. He has a passion for missions and also serves as an advisor for OCI and is the secretary of FE (ASI Brazil).



Financial Coordinator

Third generation missionary, Lina was raised outside of the US, where she was born. Following in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents, she studied nursing, aviation and oral hygiene. Today she serves as the ministries’ secretary. She is the mother of two boys, Levi and Lucas.




Nicole is from Namibia. She teaches English, cooks and fills in wherever else help is needed.


João Paulo

Legal Advisor

Advocate, originally from Bahia, has been with the ministry since 2014. João is our legal advisor and the coordinator of the Rio Negro base



Kitchen and Hospitality

If you want to eat and sleep well, she’s the one to talk to. Rafa comes from Paraíba and has been with us since the beginning of 2015



Maintenance Coordinator

Felipe comes from Pernambuco and takes care of our central base in Manaus. Besides this, he’s Rafa’s husband.



School of Missions Coordinator

Born in São Paulo, but considers herself to be from Rio Grande do Sul. Luana is responsible for taking care of our students.




A photographer from Minas Gerais has been with us since 2013. Currently he is responsible for the ministry’s communication

Solimões River Base



Coari Base Coordinator

Born in Brasília – DF, Medical Specialist in Tropical Diseases and sonographer. He has been working with the project since its foundation. He coordinates the Rio Solimões Base, which is located in the city of Coari, 360 km from the capital Manaus. Active in missions for 16 years.


Fernando e Roger

Missionaries – Great Lake of Coari

One from São Paulo, and the other from Minas Gerais, living on a boat that ministers to the middle region of the Solimões River.



Missionary – Luzeiro XXVII

With us since 2013, Rosimélia is a nurse, and together with Fernando and Rogério, lives on board of the boat Luzeiro XXVII


Cris e Gleydiane

Missionaries – Solimões River

Cris is from Bahia and Gleydiane is from Maranhão. They work as Bible workers in the middle region of the Solimões River.

Amazon River Base


Daniel & Naissen

Barreirinha Base Coordinators

With us since 2011, this nursing couple and their little daughter Hadassa, live in the village of New Jerusalem



Rural School Coordinator

This teacher from Bahia is responsible for the educational part of our rural school which is on the Massauari River, by the village of New Jerusalem.


Samuel & Marta

Missionaries – Andirá River

She came by herself from Piauí, then met this Amazonian. Now they are married and live in Umirituba, a village in the indigenous area of Sateré-Mawé


Victor & Gabi

Missionaries – Andirá River

A doctor and a lawyer, who left everything behind to dedicate their lives to the work of God. Their term of service has no determined end. He is from Mato Grosso and she from São Paulo

Base Rio Negro / Rio Manacapuru


Reno & Natália

Missionaries – Rio Negro

This friendly couple from Brasilia lives in the village of Saracá. He is a nurse and she is a lawyer.


Paula & Noélia

Missionaries – Rio Negro

These two have already lived in so many different villages, that there’s not enough space to tell about all of them. They currently live in the village of San Antonio.


Jéssika & Pri

Missionaries – Manacapuru River

Both are from São Paulo, one from the inland and the other from the coast. This nurse and teacher met here, and are now living in the village of Membeca.