Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Trips

You can participate in our mission trips or through your financial donations and prayers.
Persons of 18 years of age and above, of any religion or belief are welcome to participate in our mission trips.
As a rule, we try to accommodate everyone who’ld like to dedicate their vacation to God in short-term mission work. If your vacation time does not fall into the same time period as our short-term mission trips, it will be difficult to receive you. There may be special cases that will be evaluated by our management. Doctors and dentists are generally welcomed at any time, because our bases in the jungles are always in need of such professionals. If you are interested and have one of these professions, send an email to and we will, together with our local coordinators, see how we will be able to receive you.
You will need a hammock, a flashlight and whatever else you think may be necessary, keeping in mind that you will be living in a jungle village, perhaps without electricity. It is very hot here in the Amazon, but during the night, especially in the jungle, it cools down quite a bit. It’s a good idea to bring a light jacket and a blanket.

Mission – 1 Year for Christ

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