Painting Houses, Transforming Lives!

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Painting houses in the middle of the Amazon jungle, in a village at a lake that nobody even knows… is this the definition of being missionary? Is this mission work? This is what some of the group of the volunteer missionaries who come from Sao Paulo, might have asked in … Read More

Rural School at the Massauari River

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Have a look at this awesome video! Amazon Lifesavers Ministry is constructing a school in the village of New Jerusalem, which is about 30hrs from Manaus. Our friend Rolf Maier and his team from the architecture department of UNASP/EC (Adventist University of São Paulo), made this video to show what … Read More

My Life in the Amazon

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Wooden houses, naked children playing and running around , adults walking on bare feet, heat, forrest, a great and extensive river in front of me…. I’m in the Amazon. I am living between the river people. There is not much variety in food, like fresh vegetables. My diet is very … Read More

20 cents

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Hi, my name is Luana. I’m a lawyer and a missionary and served Amazon Lifesavers Ministry as a volunteer for a year and 4 months. During the training course we did outreach in Puraquequara, which is located in the vicinity of the base, and is one of the most humble … Read More

In God’s Hands

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My name is Jefferson, and I served as a missionary in the Amazon for one year. Sometimes I asked myself what I was doing there, whether I was making any difference in the lives of the people. Life is lonely at times living in such isolated places, without a telephone … Read More