Time for the “internship”

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Students from the Amazon Lifesavers School of Missions leave for their “internship” in the interior. They’re going to the communities of Marajá, Santo Antônio and Tiririca, in Rio Negro. Showers? In the river. Doing the laundry? In the river. Electricity? Maybe for 3 hours a day. But they will survive. … Read More

100% for God

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“I graduated in Law school in 2009 and straight after I started my postgraduate degree. I started working in one of the largest offices in São Paulo and soon enough I was earning enough to have my car and pay for my expenses. Some time later, out of the office, … Read More

Luzeiro XXVI

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“My name is Samantha, I’m 24 years old, I’m from Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil, and I’m a nurse. I have always been impressed with stories of missionaries who dedicated their lives to strangers in distant places. He listened to a boat that was traveling through the Amazonian … Read More

Called to serve

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But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Philippians 3:7 “The mission trip to the Amazon was a unique experience,  I believe that it was during this time that God revealed the purpose He has for my life, to me. “It all started when a … Read More

Negotiating Without a Divine Response

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In the city of Barreirinha we had a meeting with the Health Coordinator, Mrs. Helena, who made us a tempting proposition: a salary of $3,750.00/month for working 7 consecutive days in the hospital (24 hour shifts), 1 week/month, with negotiable Sabbaths! Before telling the end of this story I must … Read More

New Home

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It was exciting to arrive in the community. We were very well received. In the first week, we invited the women of the community for a cooking class, which was very good for us to mingle. We did many medical appointments and on each one of them we had the … Read More